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“Women need to feel loved

and men need to feel needed.”
Rita Mae Brown, Riding Shotgun

The mental health and life stresses  of men and women can cause decreased self-worth, negative attitudes toward self,  anxiety, and depression among other health problems.
Woman are at risk of idealistic media images, oppression, and role overload in work (as spouse and mom). They are more susceptible to violence and abuse, battering and rape. These issues in woman can cause such dysfunctional behaviors as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, among others.
The common stereotype is: “Men usually do not open up in therapy.” In my 30-plus years of experience in working with men in therapy, I have learned that the opposite is true - - men do want to talk about their experiences in life. Their problems are usually related to family well-being, work-related well-being, and relational problems
We take the time to understand our clients through using a biopsychosocial model integrative and evidence-based treatment alternative.  We use every opportunity to educate our clients to empower them for growth. Our goal is to assist our clients with our knowledge and therapeutic skills respecting their diversity of race, age, ethnicity, socio economic status, sexual orientation, and/or religious affiliation. These factors are what influence their experiences in life in either positive or negative ways.
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