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"Temporary setbacks create opportunities

for fresh commitment and renewal.

There are seasons of sunshine as well as rain."

T. D. Jakes, Hope for Every Moment

In Individual Therapy we will evaluate the structures of the client’s life, both current and past, based upon your personal strengths and preferences, we will work one-on-one collaboratively to reach your goal. We use an eclectic approach, providing a variety of evidence-based therapy (from research and clinical experience) while exploring ways to make changes and help you to practice new coping skills. We want to ensure your growth and improvement.


We have two formats for individual therapy:

Standard Therapy: treatment sessions 1 to 2 times per week for 50 minutes.

Standard Therapy is short-term, approximately 8–12 sessions.

Intensive Therapy: treatment sessions 2-4 times per week, the session can take from 50 to 90 minutes depend on client’s needs.

The intensive therapy is an integrated treatment recommended for individuals who are faced with problems that are affecting their quality of life and relationships, and individuals with difficult and long-lasting emotional, behavior, and social complexities. For example, intensive therapy may be needed for an individual whose job is at risk because of social and emotional situations (how you feel about yourself and people around you, emotional instability, depression, anxiety, and problems with relationships). Intensive Therapy can be applied when other treatments have are unsuccessful.

Our intensive therapy is long-term therapy. It may last over a year and may include frequent appointments: 2 or more sessions per week.


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