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“A great marriage is not when the

‘perfect couple’ comes together.

It is when an imperfect couple learns

to enjoy their differences.”

 Dave Meurer


With the higher incidents of divorce, it is crucial to work through problems before entering marriage. Pre-marital counseling is an opportunity to discover your relationship openly and constructively in a helpful setting. If you are planning to spend your lifetime together, you need premarital counseling! The love feelings you both have now will not be there forever. What happens after the wedding? How do you make love last? What about your beliefs? How will you handle finances? What do I need to understand my partner? How will we raise children? These are some questions that will be answered through the skills that you will learn in the premarital counseling. You need to learn coping skills to work effectively on your relationship.
We offer 4 to 6 sessions of 50 minutes each. In this case, our approach is process oriented, educational, and involves a coaching approach. We have been working with couples in Brazil for over two decades, and the couples who have completed the process of PREMARITAL COUNSELING believe it is a smart investment for their future.


“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship

that makes unhappy marriages.”
Friedrich Nietzsche



Through the Family Systems Therapy and the Gottman Method, we will help you find out how to stop using accusatory statements, focus on your strengths, learn how to deal with unresolved conflicts, and prevent the negative cycles.
We help couples to work through disagreements in a skilled way. You will learn to talk through conflicts, hard feelings, differences, and come to an agreement so that both of you will be able to genuinely reconnect with each other, learn how to reduce tensions, repair the relationship, and bring back romance and passion into the relationship.


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