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If your life seems dark and sad right now, remember that your problems can be defeated in the morning. Every morning will be a new chance and a new beginning by the light of the Son.


         Dr. Margarete Chase


Welcome to Persona Psychotherapy Center. This website aims to provide important information for you as a future client. We hope you find all you want on this website, but if not, Persona Psychotherapy Center is just a phone call away!

Persona Psychotherapy Center offers a wide range of psychotherapy services. Our emphasis is on high-quality, proof-based clinical treatments that are supported by research and customized to the specific needs of our clients. Our clinic welcomes clients of all backgrounds. Our paradigm emphasizes respect for individuals and thoughtful consideration of gender, race, and other individual differences.


Contact Us

For an appointment call:

(509) 283-1589 

Solamente casos de inmigración:

(509) 386-4971

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